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Small stud earrings (10mm) with pink mini flowers.

Small stud earrings (10mm) with pink mini flowers.

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These gold-colored small stud earrings (10mm) are filled with pink details of the Knotweed flower.

Knotweed symbolizes health and fertility. These stud earrings are made of very good quality stainless steel.

Extra information:

    • Diameter: 10mm.
    • Thickness: about 3mm.
    • Colour: gold.
    • Material: gold-plated stainless steel (stainless steel) + extra layer of Renaissance wax polish, nickel & lead free.
*Because we work with real dried and pressed leaves and flowers, bark, moss, etc., there may be small imperfections, just like in nature ;-). Hope you can see the beauty in it.

Jewelry care:

All jewelry has an extra layer of Renaissance wax polish to protect against external influences. Still, all jewelry is best treated with care to ensure it lasts a long time.

  • Avoid contact with water and remove jewelry when swimming, showering, washing hands, doing dishes, sauna or exercising.
  • Also avoid contact with perfume, creams and other chemicals such as cleaning products. These can affect and damage the product.
  • Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the jewelry (to remove skin oils and make-up, among other things) and then dry thoroughly.
  • If possible, do not expose your jewelry to direct sunlight for too long. For example, put the jewelry in a small fabric bag or box for storage.

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BeLeaf Art makes original and handmade jewelry with real nature (flowers, plants, moss, leaves, birch bark, earth). Beautiful details of dried flowers and leaves are cut to size by hand and cast in layers of durable synthetic resin/epoxy.
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