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Square pendant filled with orange Lily - 14mmx14mm - color: gold

Square pendant filled with orange Lily - 14mmx14mm - color: gold

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This square pendant is filled with a detail from the leaf of the orange Lily.

The (orange) Lily is fantastic to work with: so many colors of orange and lines in one leaf. The Lily flower bulbs were blooming on my large balcony, where it is an oasis of green and colorful flowers. Then I really started looking for it because of its beauty. So everywhere I saw her, I asked if I could take 1 or 2 flowers with me to put in the plant press ;-)

The pendant comes standard with a 50cm snake chain with a logo charm. If you prefer a different length or a different type of chain (snake, linked or leather (brown or black), please email first or immediately after you have placed an order.

Extra information :

    • Pendant size: 14 x 14 mm.
    • Thickness: about 3mm.
    • Chain length: 50cm.
    • Chain color: gold.
    • Material pendant: stainless steel (stainless steel) + extra layer of Renaissance wax polish, nickel & lead free.
    • Chain material: stainless steel, nickel & lead free.
    • Material charm with BeLeaf Art logo: stainless steel.
*Because we work with real dried and pressed leaves and flowers, bark, moss, bark, etc., there may be small imperfections, just like in nature ;-) Hope you can see the beauty in it.

Jewelry care :

All jewelry has an extra layer of Renaissance wax polish to protect it from external influences. However, all jewelry is best treated with care to ensure that it lasts a long time.

  • Avoid contact with water and remove jewelry when swimming, showering, washing hands, doing dishes, sauna or exercising.
  • Also avoid contact with perfume, creams and other chemicals such as cleaning products. These can affect and damage the product.
  • Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the jewelry (to remove skin oils and make-up, among other things) and then dry thoroughly.
  • If possible, do not expose your jewelry to direct sunlight for too long. For example, put the jewelry in a small fabric bag or box for storage.

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